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Review MOTIV – Venom Shock

Venom Shock by MOTIV Available 3/28/14 – The new solid purple Venom Shock bowling ball produces a violent reaction on light to medium oil conditions. It attacks the lane with the proven Gear™ weight block and new cover technology — The end of next week we will have 8 in stock. ( 2-15lb., 2-14lb., 2-13lb. & […]

Hammer – First Blood

Bowling Ball – Hammer ~ First Blood We have this ball in stock.. Check out this video.. The Hammer First Blood is the strongest skid flip ball ever created by Hammer! Based on the video, First Blood out does the Deep Purple which at the time was their most hooking ball. Look to start with […]

Oil Transition: The Change You’re Looking For

Oil Transitions: The Change You’re Looking For Ever wonder how bowling oil transitions and what you can do to understand it? In this new presentation by Jason Doust you will learn to understand the concepts of oil transitions.